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  • Can I pack my things on the motorcycle? Yes, of course. The concept of traveling with MOTOGBOX is built so that you don't have to carry luggage with you and have everything on the motorcycle, and use the air connection when you sit on your motorcycle in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona or any other destination 3,5 hours.
  • How should I add things to my motorcycle? If you have side cases or a top case, it's solved. If you are going to put any bags and other luggage outside the motorcycle, please mark them with your registration plate. We will put your luggage in the MOTOGBOX and you will pick it up with your motorcycle at your destination.
  • How to book my motorcycle transport? Just fill out the form in the reservation section and we will immediately confirm the date by email so that you can buy your plane ticket. About a week before the planned departure, we will complete everything necessary with you. That is, handing over the motorcycle, filling out the transfer protocol or other administrative formalities. Our vehicles go to all destinations at least twice a month.
  • What if my motorcycle is longer than 2.4 m? If you want to transport a motorcycle of the type HR Road Glide, Kawasaki Voyager, Indian Roadmaster or any chopper with dimensions bigger than 2.4 meters in length, we charge at the list price x 1.6. We have to transport the motorcycle along the length and not the width of our loading area.
  • Do I need fastening belts or any straps? No, you do not. They are part of our service. We use straps without hooks and do not tighten the motorcycle, we just fix it flat (= the shock absorbers are not pressed down). Loading of the motorcycle here.
  • When can I pick up the motorcycle in Málaga, Madrid or Barcelona? Monday to Friday 09:30 - 13:30 16:30 - 20:00 except days off in ESP here: dates.
  • Can I return the motorcycle on a different date or a different month than you indicate in the dates section? Yes, it is definitely possible.
  • Is it possible to combine the place of collection and return of the motorcycle? Yes, it is, you just need to plan your trip and you can start in Málaga and end in Barcelona or or the other way around. Just fill out the reservation form here.
  • Should I leave the keys with the motorcycle? It depends on you. Some leave them and some don't. However, we have already dealt with a situation where the client flew to Spain and left his keys at home. For this reason, we recommend leaving the keys with the motorcycle.
  • How much petrol should there be in the tank? Given that it will always be a sub-limit amount (=according to the ADR convention on the transport of dangerous substances), we leave it up to you, if you leave your tank full or not.
  • What if something happens to the motorcycle? We have never had to deal with this situation before. The motorcycle is essentially part of the MOTOGBOX without the possibility of external influences. All transported motorcycles are insured according to the CMR convention with a clause of validity of performance for the transport of new and used motor vehicles up to 10 000 000CZK. The insurance coverage is managed by the renowned brokerage company Helia Partners
  • Can I keep my motorcycle stored at your place in Málaga for longer than one month? Yes, it is possible. We charge €50 per motorcycle/month.
  • I've never been to Málaga and I don't know how to get to the motorcycle, can you help me? Yes, of course. Just tell us your flight number and a colleague Raúl or Manuel will pick you up at the airport and take you to your motorcycle. Otherwise, Uber, Taxi or Gettransfer.com work great here, the prices are +- the same and no one from the official Taxi or Uber will charge you inappropriate amounts, don't worry. Otherwise, it's really simple, look here: how to DEMOTO
  • What are the interesting places to ride a motorcycle in Andalusia? There are really many of them. Whether you are on a sports motorcycle, naked, scrambler, chopper, cruiser, touring enduro or even sharp enduro, there are really a lot of options. Interesting routes and points including map materials are in our tips section here
  • Where can I find accommodation in Spain? Each motorcyclist or group of motorcyclists has different requirements, so we recommend using booking.com or airbnb.com. Basically, they work year-round without any problems. It is true that there can be a slight problem on the days of the major Spanish holidays. These are especially the days of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (16.8.), the day of the region of Murcia/La Rioja (9.6.), the feast of the sacrifice Eid Al Adha (20.6.), the days of the Hispanic nations (12.10.), the day of the Spanish Constitution (6.12.) and of course Easter and Christmas, but even then always via booking.com or airbnb.com you will accommodate.
    What if my motorcycle breaks down somewhere in Spain? When you are within reasonable driving distance of Málaga, towing to our partner can be arranged. Here we can also communicate our service tire replacement, electrical installation repair or clutch replacement. Including warranty repairs by an authorized BMW service.

Any questions? We will answer as soon as possible!