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Málaga and the surroundings

Málaga and the surrounding area, essentially the whole of Spain, is destined to be a biker's paradise. The composition of our clients is very varied, therefore we do not prefer any specific routes, places or reference points of your journeys, down below we have shared a few tips that are really worth seeing and the rest is of course up to you. There is really a lot to see in the beautiful and sunny Andalusia all year round 

Parque Natural de Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama

Amazing views, countless turns, typical Spanish mountain villages. Excellent cuisine.

Type this in to your navigation: road No. A 7207 Cómpeta, Canillas de Albaida. MA-126 Sedella to A 7205 Viñuela. Around Lake Vinula (Lake Vinuela or Reservoir Vinuela)

Montes de Málaga Natural Park

A nature reserve (park) founded in 1989 and named after the Montes de Málaga mountain range. It is interesting for the occurrence of cork oak, olive trees, but also for a number of rare animals such as the chameleon, genet or northern hawk. 

Type this in to your navigation: road No. A 7000 Colmenar roa, go through everything crisscross and it is worth going off this road on unpaved roads (in the dry season - which is announced by the local government, but they are usually closed). The entire park, which is just above Málaga, is crossed by the Guadalmedina river.

A handfull of turns and corners

An incredibly fun route that you will definitely fall in love with and you have to ride it at least twice. This is the route where European journalists test motorcycles. The town of Ronda will then offer you breathtaking photos.

Type this in to your navigation: road No. A 366 Coín - Yunquera - El Burgo - Ronda.

Sierra Nevada

A breathtaking mountain range above Granada with the highest peak, Mulhacén, which is 3,479 meters above sea level. The entire journey from Granada is an experience and you will devour both the turns and the breathtaking scenery that will come your way at every turn. 

Type this in to your navigation: road No. A 4025 from Granada and the GR 3200 then the A 4030 from Lake Embalse de Canales. At the top there are ski resorts so be aware that you are really more than three thousand meters above sea level and even in the summer months it is cooler in the morning. You will start to feel the heat again, when you start getting closer to Granada.


British territory on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It has an area of ​​only 6.7 km2 and borders Spain in the north. All of this is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar. The sovereignty of Gibraltar is still a point of contention in Anglo-Spanish relations. The whole landscape is charming with its Spanish cordiality and English politeness. Around a hundred monkeys live here - tailless macaques, who are worshiped by the locals and have unlimited possibilities. Local legend says that Great Britain will have to return Gibraltar to the Kingdom of Spain right after the last monkey dies, but the locals can't afford that.

Highlights of ANDALUSIA

Top route highlights of Andalusia. Compiled to see Andalusia with its points of interest. This is a wonderful motorcycle route (no off-road). Points of reference are Playa de Maro, Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata, Mezquita de Cordoba Cathedral, Plaza de Espana, Jerez de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera, Alhambra and the already mentioned Sierra Nevada.

Beach Tarifa

One of the world's most popular destinations for wind sports. You can see Morocco from the coast. Tarifa beach and the whole town are worth spending a whole day here. The nightlife in the small square in Tarifa is amazing, when local restaurants, pubs, bars and wine bars open after 8 p.m. The atmosphere will literally draw you in and you will absorb the local culture.

Type this in to your navigation: N 340 Algeciras -Tarifa. It is worth driving to Cádiz on the A 2231 and CA 9001.

Enduro + Spanish offroad

The surroundings of Málaga offer a lot of enduro riding in the direction of Granada or Seville. Below you can download a map for your Tom Tom (topo maps are needed) or Garmin in .gpx format.

Please note that some routes are slightly more demanding.

Enduro + Portuguese offroad

Portuguese Trans Euro Trail Routes, an unforgettable experience of freedom on two wheels. Try to ride just a part of the route, it's worth it. 

Below you can download a map for your navigation: Tom Tom (topo maps are needed) or Garmin in .gpx format.

Please note that some routes are slightly more demanding.


The capital of the region of Andalusia - this is the hot city of Seville. It reflects and mirrors the strong Spanish temperament. It is the city of Carmen, Don Juan, Spanish culture and the famous Flamengo dance. A city of many monuments from the times of overseas discoveries. Allegedly, the remains of Christopher Columbus lie here. Whether the body of the famous seafarer is really inside the grandiose tomb, even DNA tests have not proved anything, yet it attracts thousands of tourists. 

Last but not least, Sevilla is also famous for theyre football club playing in the La Liga. The locals love football very much.

Tabernas - Texas Hollywood

The town of Tabernas. About 40 km north of Almeria, between the Sierra de los Filabres and Sierra Alhamilla mountains, stretches the only true European desert. The 116.25 km2 area is bizarre for its dry riverbeds and is similar to the Arizona desert. A number of westerns were filmed here. After the film industry, three western towns remained here, which now serve as tourist attractions. So, every day you can see a bank robbery and a subsequent shootout.

Motoclube de FARO Portugal

One of the most famous motorcycle clubs in Europe, where you can experience the real motorcycle atmosphere.

Type this in to your navigation: Av. Cidade de Hayward BP, 8000-123 Faro, Portugal

Lagos Portugal

The city of Lagos, lies at the estuary of the Bensafirm River and along the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most visited cities in the Algarve and in Portugal. Perhaps, thanks to the variety of beaches, rock formations (Ponta da Piedade), lively nightlife or  the historical center of the slave trade.

By all means visit it, it will be worth it.

Cabo de São Vicente Portugal

Cape Saint Vincent or Saint Cape. This is the westernmost tip of Europe and is definitely worth a visit. This place is historically considered as magical. In ancient times, people believed that the sun setting here behind the crashing ocean waves marked the edge of planet earth. Countless naval battles have also taken place here. 

It is very windy here all year round.

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