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About us

It all started as a childhood dream...

Since traveling and exploring regions on two wheels is one of the driving forces in the life of a motorcyclist, we also gradually moved the distance a bit further and so one day the plan was born and since we have more than twenty years of experience in transport and complex logistics, our good friend gave us the idea of ​​transporting motorcycles.

We took that idea and now we are saving our clients time with the transport of their motorcycles to their chosen destination. In addition, they will logically save on the associated wear and tear of tires, chain sets, fuel, tolls, various fees and accommodation solutions during the way to they're final destination. Instead, they get on a plane and in three or four hours they can fully enjoy their vacation without having to be tired.

Anyone who has ever set out on a motorcycle will certainly appreciate the possibility that even in the event of a breakdown or accident, we can return their motorcycle safely, without having to deal with the complexity of the situation.

Our activities:

We provide transport, collection of the motorcycle within Europe. For the purpose of transporting motorcycles, we have our MOTOGBOXES (specially modified box for transporting motorcycles). 

We are focused on the area of ​​Spain. Our portfolio includes many other destinations, including individual solutions for the requirements of individuals or groups according to the customer's wishes.

At the beginning of March, we took part in a Motosalon in Brno. A great event with a lot of amazing people who share a love for two wheels. We were very happy that we could present our project of transporting motorcycles in MOTOGBOXes, that we could explain to everyone in detail how we work, introduce our partners abroad, show our photos and videos from the trips. Many friends stopped by our exhibition stand, also many well-known people who are icons in the motorcycle environment. Once again, thanks to everyone. 

May you ride and enjoy all the km on your motorcycles with as much joy as possible. The MOTOGBOX team