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Transport of the motorcycles

Thanks to many years of experience in the transport business, our company provides comprehensive motorcycle logistics not only in the Czech Republic, but also within the continent.

  • Our services are not only for individuals, but also for manufacturers or suppliers of motorcycles or racing teams.
  • We transport motorcycles, scooters and even quad bikes in special MOTOGBOXES.
  • During transport, your motorcycle is stored in a MOTOGBOX (a specially modified and certified box for transporting motos). A transfer protocol is filled out, including the necessary actions.
  • Complete service: transport of your motorcycle including luggage, motorcycle clothing, tires, etc.

    You save your own motorcycle and yourself: chain, oil, tires, your time on the road, hours on the highway and other factors such as loss of attention and tiredness... Also saving a few days of travel (not everyone can afford to cut a week from vacation to travel, tolls along the way, accommodation along the way).

    With us, you just get on a plane or bus and pick up your motorcycle at one of our warehouse. 

    It is a fast, comfortable, safe and cost-effective transport of your motorcycle and your luggage.

    Your motorcycle holiday can start!